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Dutch Passion Seeds
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About Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch Passion has been developing, upgrading, producing and selling marijuana seeds since 1987. Dutch Passion is also one of the first Amsterdam based cannabis seeds companies. Over the years Dutch Passion have gained a lot of experience in developing, producing, and marketing premium quality cannabis seeds. In 1998 Dutch Passion made a major breakthrough in Cannabis Seed Technology, and developmed "Feminized" Cannabis Seeds. Dutch Passion discovered that under the right growing conditions these "feminized marijuana seeds" give rise to only female marijuana plants,and are one of very few Cannabis Seed Companies that gives THC and CBD percentages for Dutch Passion strains. You can purchase and buy online Dutch Passion cannabis seeds through our recommended supplier nansons.com where you will be offered all the best cannabis seeds that we at dutch-passion.co.uk reccomend.
Dutch Passions have had major success in holland allowing customers to buy cannabis seeds online and through various chains of coffee shops. Dutch Passion now have over 150 outlets in Europe who buy dutch cannabis seeds, proving their marijuana seeds popularity. This success is due to the genetic control they have over marijuana strains and the constant influx of new marijuana genetics. In addition to the genetics of their marijuana seed varieties, Dutch Passion specially select for the ripeness, size and germination rate (95%) of their marijuana seeds. Dutch Passion do their utmost to supply you with premium marijuana genetics for "Regular" and "Feminized" marijuana seeds. Dutch Passions success is your success, and yours is Dutch Passions.Cannabis seeds London

A little about the Dutch Passion founder

Henk is over half a century old,but has a selfishness, greed and ambition, that keeps him fighting competion, sometimes even stockists of his own seeds.

According to rumor he started smoking and buying cannabis when I was 18, and noticed the many guilders he was spending, and the seeds in the baggies, so he studied botany and studied biology, and found he liked planting cannabis seeds more than he liked books and microscopes. Marijuana was relaxing and fun. He found it incredible that alcohol was legal but this was not ".Don't we all?

Henk's memories of early cannabis genetics trace the evolution of Dutch Euroherb from dinosaur days of "weak, hemplike stuff with low THC that wasn't very good," to the year 2007, when Dutch Passion manufactur "feminised" seeds of crystal-laden Mazar, Buddha, Original Blueberry and other stony varieties.

"Holland had some help improving our genetics from a few Americans who brought cannabis seeds over here in the early 80's," Henk explained, "and then we started to develop the reliable early foundations – Skunk #1, Northern Lights, Haze. We made some trips to the Himalayas. It was fun but difficult, and all the time we were doing rigorous selection and crossing for homogenous strains.

"Dutch Passion started over 20 years ago. We have seen it all. There were problems rumors and backstabbing, which has changed somewhat now that the seed companies are established and have their own market.

"Trust is what we sell with our cannabis seeds: they have 95 percent germination rate, and we tell customers how uniform our marijuana strains are. Some are more so than others. Mazar, White Widow, Blueberry, Flo – these are all very stable".

In Good Cannabis taste

Upstairs above the hemp store, Green Lands, which contains quality internationally made hemp food, textiles and cosmetics, he remembers when small-time growers produced five to ten kilos a year of coffeeshop bud. Prices and quality have changed. Now, the best Dutch cannabis sells for 2000 Euros per kilo (which equals about $2000 US per pound)- about half as expensive as comparable pot in the United States, he notes.

Good taste is important, he says. People would admit, if their taste buds were up to it, that hydro pot doesn't taste as good as "bio" pot.

"Like with hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers," he quips, "you can taste the difference. I always like growing in soil, but I can understand why people do hydro: try living on the third floor of an old Amsterdam building, carrying bags of soil up twisty stairs. Hydro is a lot easier to set up and control, and the yield is higher per square meter with hydro," he said.

Of course, pound for pound, weed seeds are worth more than bud.

"The problem is, it's harder to sell the seeds. You can sell all the bud you can grow. Cannabis seeds are more of a specialty market. People don't smoke them. They don't move quite as fast," he said.

But Dutch Passion has figured out a surefire way to sell more Cannabis seeds, by creating "feminised" varieties engineered to produce only female plants.

Henk admits that when Dutch Passion first released feminized seeds in November 1998, many people were skeptical.

"It was very difficult to make these seeds," he explained. "There were several years of experiments that went into this. At first, we relied on the fact that if you let females flower a long time without getting pollen, near the end of their life cycle some will try to pollinate themselves. But this did not produce a reliable amount of pollen. Then, we tried hormone and chemical agents. The hormone produced pollen, but it also affected the plants in other ways that we didn't like. We tried other applications, and found some that could change basic female plants into plants that produced pollen, which we then used to fertilize other 100% female plants to produce what we used to call ‘female seeds.'

"A lot of people think we have created hermaphrodites, but we take 100% female clones, and apply a safe chemical so the clones produce abundant male flowers. Then we take that pollen and fertilize other females with it. Seeds from this method will usually grow out female.

"In the beginning, some people were telling us that the seeds weren't producing all females, but we've discovered some strains don't work well with this process, and some of the success depends on the way they're grown. Now, we aren't getting those complaints. I sell a guy 300 cannabis seeds, and 298 of them grow out female. We are seeing that level of reliability."

Research and Improvement
Researching cannabis

As with any new technology, Dutch Passion's feminized strains have experienced growing pains. Some varieties have not adapted well to the feminizing procedure and are no longer sold. Henk no longer calls his special seeds female, either.

"They are not female cannabis seeds," he explains. "They are seeds that have been created a certain way to produce female plants, but it is not accurate to call them female cannabis seeds. We call them feminized seeds – there is a difference."

Henk says it's a lot harder to produce feminized seeds than regular cannabis seeds, and he has to be careful about feminizer technology and its resultant pollen. As with Terminator Seed technology utilized by greedy corporations like Monsanto (the company has designed food crops that produce sterile seeds, forcing farmers to buy new seeds from Monsanto every year), plants grown from feminized seeds cannot reproduce naturally; at best, they can be cloned.

If you are growing marijuana so you can produce your own cannabis seeds, Dutch Passion's feminized varieties are not for you. For most other growers, feminized seeds offer obvious advantages. Outdoor growers can plant in remote locations knowing they will not have to return during early autumn and remove male plants. All growers can count on increased yields: instead of the average sixty to forty percent female to male ratio, virtually every seed planted will result in a female producing harvestable buds.

A few cannabis facts

Cannabis and marijuana is breed and sold in many countries throughout the world, though Holland and in perticular Amsterdam remain the pioneers and leaders in bringing cannabis to the masses.

There is strong evidence to show the use of cannabis plant being used hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Early uses of the cannabis plant include food, fuel, clothing and fibre.

The world hemp is derived from the Dutch word "hennep", meaning all types of cannabis.
There is currently no way of knowing how much THC was is earlier cannabis plants, though it is generally accepted that THC was of much lower proportion than todays average plant.


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